Genius Beginnings

I was invited to an author event by a client who had an extra ticket and I wanted to go, first to see my old friend Gerry Robert who I had met in 2000 at a similar event. Secondly I find it extremely stimulating to be around others who are authors and take the time to learn more about their craft and opportunities.

I listened intently in the first row the first morning, looking forward to the first break when I could approach Gerry to see if he would recognize me. I was surprised when he did and remembered our conversation. That’s a genuine person who can remember nine years later, especially considering all the people he meets at each of the events.

I had brought him a copy of my 7th book “Be Your Own Boss Guide” and had signed it, “This time you don’t have to read between the lines.”

When I gave him a copy of my first book “Mixing it UP!” published the same year I met him, he came into the meeting room the next morning and said “Your experiences growing up have led you to be more aware than most. It works for you!”

Imagine my surprise when the book is about doing business in your community with less effort. It had nothing to do with my early years. but, He read between the lines.

So that afternoon while he was explaining the technique I had been teaching since 1998, I got the idea for this book and decided to outline it while Gerry way talking. After all, I taught the material every month for 11 years. By the end of the afternoon the outline was 90% complete and I had the title.

I went up to my room and immediately secured the title of the book for this website!

And so, the beginning of an inspiration when I had not intended to begin yet another book!