Criticism is unfortunately what most children hear the most of when they are growing up.

They might hear a loving comment or an encouraging word, but before they are 7 years old, the average child is disciplined more often than encouraged.

When parents spend more time encouraging their children and showing them possibilities they will help their children will grow up more capable of knowing how to do problem solving techniques when they are adults.

It is a major challenge for parents to be patient with their children when they have long work days and never seem have enough time or energy to get through their days. It is easy to loose one’s temper and be impatient when a child is simply being a child.

They might be distracted rather than paying attention to their homework or cleaning up their rooms or even daydreaming, but it is typical behavior for children and an important part of their intellectual development.

Children need to develop their imagination as much as their intellect. When they imagine a friend to play with, it is as normal as creating a story for an English class later in life.

Patience is the name of the game. Parents need to take time outs too!