I’ve always heard you can’t motivate anyone who doesn’t chose to be motivated, but I think you can find a way to inspire children to be motivated by knowing what is important to them.

I was watching the new series “Family” and one of the children portrays a child with autism. Can you imagine how much more work it would be to work with a child with special needs compared to havingĀ  a child with normal development?

What would you have to do to keep up with the extra demand? It would create a hardship for the entire family and required a great deal of discipline on everyone’s part.

What I found particularly interesting about the character “Max” is he is rewarded with gold stars for particular achievements. It might be finishing his homework, eating peacefully, turning off the TV when his one hour a day allotment has ended or even brushing his teeth without being told.

If you could motivate a child with autism, why couldn’t you motivate a child without special needs?

When I think of all the parents who have to work outside of their homes and don’t have the ability financially to stay at home and raise their children, I am so sorry for the entire family.

Through the first 7 years of development, it is vital for children to have the constant attention of their parents.

So what are your choices?

How about finding a business you can do from home? It might take a couple of years to get the income up to a level comparable with your current job, but the rewards of having a close relationship with your children is priceless.