Just like art, music will offer children a much high grade point average and a 50% more likely to go on to college or continue their education.

Music classes increases a students ability in math and improve their concentration skills which help them retain what they read.

It is also a great way to increase their self esteem. Music relieves stress and tension and helps students learn to absorb what they are learning.

The fact that music has been eliminated from school programs in the California school systems is a total mistake.

Our children depend on the families and teachers to give them a broad exposure to education to help them develop in every aspect of their education. Learning the basics is not enough to get a good job or inspire student to go on to further their education.

It is up to our teachers to make sure our children are inspired to develop their creative brains. It is the creativity which will help them develop their learning skills and a long term love of education.

Take the time to create programs in your community or inspire others to develop a program where children will be exposed to music on a regular basis.

It’s up to each one of us.