Random Acts of Kindness

I find at least five people a week I can find to do a Random Act of Kindness for. Sometimes it’s opening a door, complimenting them on what they’re wearing or I’ll look for something that make them smile or laugh.

I often wonder what would happen what would happen if parents thought of providing their children a Random Act of Kindness? Can you imagine encouraging a child by telling them what a great job they do when they clean up their room, put away their clothes, help clean up the dishes or take out the trash?

It would give them little bits of awareness they are special. It’s the little kindnesses that make a difference in how children grow up. Being acknowledged for being good goes a lot further towards making a child grow up with self confidence.

The opposite of berating a child for the things they are doing wrong will yield a child who has low self esteem and frustrated. They will be more likely to at out and do things to get attention. They are more destructive and more angry.

All children need to be loved and encouraged. Simple Random Acts of Kindness mold our children into the perfect beings they are born to become.