Shedding the Exposure

Shedding exposure to negativity is one of the most difficult challenges any child ever has to face.

Children are exposed to more negativity by the time they are ten than most adults experience in the balance of their lives.

Most parents don’t intend to be negative, but they struggle with their jobs, having enough money, not having enough time to do all the housework, errands and the many demands of being an adult and being a parent.

I’ve often wondered why adults can talk about how challenging it was growing up with their parents negativity and yet they repeat the same behavior and even use the exact same words their parents used.

How is it possible to forget how difficult it was to be treated as though there were always more things important than you as a child or there was never enough time to spend with you?

We all know that it is impossible to be a perfect parent and each child responds differently to the very same treatment, but somehow taking the time and effort to nurture your children and make sure they feel special and loved every day is the most important job any parent can ever have.

One of the best was to have more patience is to make sure to take the time out to nurture yourself. When you make sure to take the time to take care of yourself, you’ll have more time and energy to give back to the rest of your family.

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