What Are The Types Of Games That Will Development My Child Whilst Having Fun?

Type of games Examples of games Your child’s development
Physical games Hopscotch


Hide and seek

Personal and social development… working with others, taking turns.Physical development… develop strong muscles and co-ordination.
Party games Pass the parcel

Musical statues

Personal and social development… being part of a group, turn taking.Creative development… moving to music.

Physical development… strong muscle development, hand-eye co-ordination skills.

Table-top games LottoSnap

Matching games

Counting games

Personal and social development… sharing and taking turns.Mathematics… counting, matching and sorting.

Language and literacy… communicating with others and learning new vocabulary.

What Are The Games Likely To Be Enjoyed By My Child?

  • Football
  • Snap
  • Bingo
  • Obstacle races
  • Kim’s game
  • Oranges and lemons
  • Picture lotto
  • Hunt the thimble
  • Draughts