What are the Importance of Games?

Playing games is an important activity for your child’s social and mental development. Educational games are important for keeping your child interested in learning. For example some games come with educational skills and academic contests, such as spelling.

child development games

Through games your child can also learn about teamwork. Games teach him about sportsmanship. Through these games, he can create critical thinking.

Games create courage and inspire your child to prove himself as the best at what he does. It teaches him how to make quick decisions and how to work well under pressure.

Games teach your child about what is good and bad and gives him chance to learn more about people, animals and countries. Games have much significance in healthy child development. Games allow and encourage kids to process information and to make sense of their own world.

Some games are completely based on fitness. Through these games your child learns how to keep fit and healthy. He can also learn about skipping, walking and kicking. Some games create a sense of construction. Recreational games such as board games increase mental and physical skills.

Computer games can also help your child develop his computer skills. For example, between the ages of 3-4 years, your child can play moving square game and colour matching. Through these games, he can learn how to move the mouse in order to catch a moving square and match colours.

Jumping block game is also available for a child between the ages of 4-5 years. He can learn how to change a block by clicking the mouse. Between the ages of 5-6 years he can play Moving image game. This teaches him how to change the direction or scene by clicking the computer mouse. Some games also teach your child how to add, subtract, divide and multiply which is good for his mental development.