Parent’s Expectations

Imagine you have an innate talent to be a fine artist. Your father is an attorney and your mother received her teaching credentials. Their expectations for their children will most likely be to not only encourage, but insist their children become college educated and business oriented adults.

Why would parents try and force a life on their cherished children who might not have any interest in pursing a career their parents have mapped out for them? It is one of the most grievous discords between parents and children. How can this continue to happen generation after generation?

I have met far too many mature and young adults who dread their working life. I also meet as many, here in California, who have walked away from a career they were miserable in for a career they are passionate about. Whose life do you suppose is more fulfilling?

As parents, most will always want what is best for their children, but too often don’t realize when they try impose their wishes on them they are doing more harm than good.

Children are meant to be nurtured and guided, not forced into a life where they dread the work they do or the home life they’ve found themselves seemingly locked into.

When you remove the ego from being the parent and having to be proud of what your children are, being happy your children are content and pleased with their own life is ample reward and indicative of being a good parent.