Behavior Changes

The balance between being the perfect parents and having your children know they are able to talk with you about anything and everything. Both points of view are extremely important but they are extremely difficult for most parents. Discipline is difficult to administer without appearing to be too stern. But as a parent if you’re not capable of disciplining your child you’ll end up with all sorts of ill behavior from talking back to you; outright definance; drug or alchol abuse; running away; poor grades and many other disreputable behaviors.
Once a child develops a habit of ill behavior, it is very difficult to change their learned habits. It is possible, but very difficult. It is more ideal to catch the warning signs early on. The way to spot the difficulties are different with each child. That’s why it is so important to keep a watchful eye and frequently evaluate how your children are behaving.
Every child will exhibit different behaviors. Some become quiet when they’re troubled, some begin to become agressive. The more you pay attention to your children before they begin to attend school, the more easily you’ll notice any suttle changes. It’s extremely important to avoid the temptation to succumb to your busy schedule rather than keep a watchful eye on your children.