What is heartbreaking is when children experience these travesties at the hand of their own parents.
I’ll be the first to admit, I understand how difficult it is to shed the patterns of generations past. My father was beaten as a boy, his father was beaten by his father and so on. My mother and her father had the same history. Cruelty was an intrinsic hereditary traits passed down generation to generation. Even my sister and brother continued the pattern.
So why didn’t I? Is my DNA accredited to changing my life pattern and breaking away from the inevitable? Are my sister and brother subjected to an absolute fate to repeat their ancestor’s history?
I truly don’t think so. In today’s information age and the availability of all the self-help programs, awareness of changing behavior as well as all dysfunctions can be altered. I don’t believe anyone has to continue the ill behavior when the effort is applied.
I mentioned I had to work hard at changing my dysfunctions. From stuttering, walking pigeon toed, being shy, fearful of nearly everything including flying and a long list of idiosyncrasies, I challenged each and every one. I had to work harder on some, but I conquered each one. I’m not done however, I keep finding new behaviors I want to change, enhance and improve. I hope I always will.