It’s hard to say if children are better off without the yelling and screaming of their parents or not. Or whether they benefit from being uprooted in their informative years. Some children are resilient enough to endure few emotional reactions, but the majority of them will act out because they feel abandonment or at times even a sense of responsibility their parents didn’t get along.  I’ve heard children ask “Why did daddy leave me?” It is heartbreaking and frustrating to know how children react to their parents splitting up. But I do believe it is better for the parent to split up than to teach their children it is alright to stay together and create a bad example of how a relationship is.  On one had children who have parents who stay together regardless of how little they have left between them are teaching their children it is okay to settle for less than love, respect and happiness. The children will grow up never believing they deserve a good solid relationship. Then when the parents stay together the children never learn how to develop good relationship skills. They will never learn to fight fair or communicate their thoughts without be angry or yelling or having to hurt the other person just to feel they haven’t lost the argument.