I was not comfortable with making a decision and standing by it so I was easy prey for someone who was strong willed. I deferred to anyone rather than reason with myself to come to a conclusion that might be more correct for me.

I realize my childhood was not normal, and thank goodness for that, but when children are exposed to ill behavior on their parents parts, they often repeat the behavior or react 180 degrees the opposite of their parents, trying desperately to avoid what pain they might have felt from the repercussions of their family’s behavior.

About five years ago I met a man from England through a Social Media site and we began talking on line. He was coming to the United States to purchase properties for his company and I knew of many sites that were ideal for the projects they wanted to do. When we met in person he began to tell me more about his family situation. He had left his wife because all they did was fight. He thought it was a better choice for his nine year old daughter if he removed himself and would therefore avoid continuing the argumentative behavior in front of her. But with the amount of time he spent on the road travelling, he rarely saw his daughter more than once or twice a month for a few short hours.