Wrong Choices

I became married when I was just shy of nineteen to a man who was so much like like my father it was uncanny. Even his arms were shaped exactly like my dad’s. He possessed the same strong will and stubborn streak as well as an uncanny curiosity for learning new things. They both could figure out nearly anything and always tackled new projects with an limitless enthusiasm.

The problem was, my husband was too much like my father to have been an ideal choice for me to effectively be in a relationship that would work for both of us. At first it seemed ideal, but the longer we were together it became more obvious our marriage was based on false pretenses. I thought it was based on an equal partnership but it turned out to be a dictatorship.

I’m not sure it would have ended up that way with his two tours in Viet Nam or not, but it became impossible to continue in the relationship regardless. After becoming single, I had to struggle with what it was I truly enjoyed in life.