One of the many people who became extremely influential in the public inspiration sector, proudly tells his story of having no home and having to sleep in a barn on a stack of hay. Then one day while working at a fitness center he noticed a man who drove a very expensive car.  He asked him if he could buy him a cup of coffee, wanting to discover what is secret was.

Fortunately for him, the man was generous and sat down with him every month to talk about the attitude of being successful, the discipline it requires and goal setting techniques. Within a few short months he became the top membership sales person at the fitness center. Then he was promoted to being the manager of the center and then over a region.

Wayne Dwyer has spent more than 30 years inspiring others to develop the same skills he learned from his experience. He even recommends finding a mentor who has accomplished what it is you seek to achieve. Who could better advise you than someone who has already achieved your dreams?

We are fortunate there are so many examples we can emulate and books we can read to guide us towards our goals. There is no shortage of resources if you are willing to spend the time to change your life.

I was on a cruise speaking about communication techniques in the 2003 and after having a number of passengers mention a particular waitress who they had determined was portraying an angry disposition, I decided to meet her.