When children are taught creativity early on in their lives, they will flourish through the rest of their lives.

It might start by teaching them to pick out colors and how to enjoy the brightness of the rainbow or the beauty of flowers. Even coloring book activities when they’re not forced to stay within the lines will engage their right brains and help them become more creative.

When children learn to be creative, they are better at problem solving, making decisions and engaging in conversations their entire lives.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met adults who had parents who told them to forget drawing, painting or the music they loved because it was a waste of time and would never support them financially. These adults never feel quite fulfilled and seem to always look for ways of overcoming what they feel they lack without knowing how to do so.

Although no one in my family had an outstandingly good talent, everyone of use including my nieces and nephews exhibit some form of talent. Most of the nephews are involved in music, my brothers played several instruments, my sister and I played clarinets, I am now teaching myself the violin.

It wasn’t until I was forty I began to paint. It was also then I began to work with entrepreneurs and at the time I was 90% left brain analytical, now I am what they classify as whole brain 51% left 49% creative or right brain.

The difference in how well I handle difficult situations and know how to engage others is as though I am two different people from who I used to be prior to engaging in creative activities.