When I was growing up no one knew anything about nurturing children and with the effects would be.

I was raised in the “children are seen and not heard” era and my parents truly believed that children were possessions who picked up the slack on the work load or were totally responsible for the chores required to keep a household running smoothly.

I do believe children should have chores, an allowance and be taught there are consequences for not doing what they know they should or doing or saying something they shouldn’t.

But nurturing children early on is what makes the difference between children who grow up with high levels of self esteem and those who suffer from insecurities and profound shyness.

What we learn before the age of seven lays the foundation as to who we become as adults. If we grow up knowing it is okay to make a mistake and we can correct our actions and the world will still be alright, imagine how much more we would venture out into the world stretching our envelope and discover hidden talents we might not otherwise ever know we had.