Safe Environments

Children should be protected and made to feel safe, at all times.

Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. It’s unfortunate most children don’t know they have every right to expect to be in an environment where they fee protected from the fear and anger of a dysfunctional home.

When children are exposed to abuse they develop in very different ways than those children who are raised in a nurturing home. Too often the development includes acting out at school or with other children. It can diminish their ability to learn in school, connect with children they’re in school with and aren’t able to participate in their classrooms.

There is a survival technique that kicks in and no one can figure out why one technique over another emerges as the dominant coping mechanism.

When I was about eight I began to stutter. I developed a learning disability and by the time I was in high school I wasn’t able to read a book without putting a ruler under each line and separating the words with my fingers placed on each side of the word. When I was in the 10th grade I was a C average student which teachers tolerated.

Just before the year ended I went to each one of my teachers and announced to them I needed to go to college and had to find a way to improve my grades.