Disabilities to Advantages

Each teacher gave me an assignment for extra credit. My English teacher, Mrs Lemo,s asked me to read an extra book, knowing who challenging it was for me to read. She told me when I did an oral book report, she would give me an entire grade point increase. She got to pick the book. It was Fahrenheit 451 and I loved the book. It opened up the world of science fiction for me.

My history teacher Mr Mieske said he would give me extra credit if I would join the speech club. I had to memorize a ten minute presentation and he entered the club in a Northern California High School competition. In the class room I was able to give the speech flawlessly. When it came time to compete in Eureka at the College of the Redwoods, I choked and when they  called my name, I slid down in  the chair and pretended  I wasn’t there. He still gave me the additional credit because he said I made the effort.

Mr. Kiefer was my science teacher. It was my most difficult class. But  he asked me to create a presentation in a color presentation style. I was able to do that.

My journalism teacher had me sign up for the school newsletter; my counselor arranged for me to be on the school yearbook  staff and my music teacher Mr. Davidson had me compete in the Northern California musicians competition. I won playing “A Fairy and a Princess” on a bass clarinet, which is definitely not a solo instrument.