Spending Tim with Your Kids

I met with a business associate to plan an event we’re doing in January and I was surprised she brought her ten year old son with her. Not that I object to kids being present, it merely surprised me she would be comfortable doing so.

My genuine surprise however was he was so well behaved. I didn’t interrupt our conversation; actually it was I who was distracted by this intelligent, conscious, bright, fun little boy.

At one point he asked his mother if he could go to the rest room. I just blinked in awe of his politeness. How could a child of this day and age be so polite?

As soon as he was out of ear shot, I complimented his mother on his behavior. Her smile lit up the room with her pride. I told her how impressed I was by his calmness and told her she should consider doing parenting courses.

She just laughed and told me she spent a lot of genuine time with him. She always made sure they spent at least an hour every day together and his father would do the same thing. They didn’t consider television time their alone time, no it was conversations, playing games, reading to each other and even going for walks.

Can you imagine what would happen if all parents were this conscious?