Difficult Choices

I attended an all day event in San Francisco and one mother brought her daughter. She told me about her reluctance of leaving her at home or with others. He daughter is 12 and has been working through the recent divorce of her parents. Her father had turned into a bitter and vindictive man. What she had witnessed at her tender age had been so dramatic she was having nightmares.

The father had become more and more violent over the years and finally fearing for her children’s (she also has a 16 year old boy) safety, the mother left her tranquil life in Hawaii to move to the Bay Area.

No I know Dr. Laura would rally for the mother to remain with the father for the family unit’s best interests, but I say, “Hurray”. Hurray for a mother who would put her children’s best interest first over all else.

She was willing to give up her comfortable luxurious home, living on the ideal island of Maui, a husband’s financial support, long term friends and good standing in the community. Her alternative was to live in a two-bedroom apartment with two teenagers and a financial challenges living in an area where they didn’t know anyone.

What she taught and will continue to teach her children is there is more to a family than the obvious security of home and financial well being. The biggest lesson however is her children will never assume they have to stay in a miserable environment and put up with someone’s unacceptable behavior.

Bravo mom!