Where Genius Meets a Plan

I watched Bill Bartman‘s DVD the day it came in the mail. Here’s a man who is on the list of 400 billionaires and he bares his soul to the world in the name of making a difference in the world.

He started out life with as many challenges as any one person could be exposed and by his own admission, could and should have been a hopeless drunk living in poverty. Yet he is among the top 400 most successful people in the United States.

Again, I revisit my question. How is it with some, all the challenges in the world seem to keep them from achieving any level of success in their lives; while others with similar challenges excel beyond anyone’s imagination or expectations? Then there are those who seemingly have every possible advantage and yet never seem to amount to anything notable throughout their lives? Not that everyone needs to be a Bill Gates or an Oprah Winfrey, but making small differences in the world are as valuable as going home with all the marbles.

Bill’s ten steps to achieving goals are fundamentally the same as most others I’ve seen with the exception of: ask for help from those who can give it, look at your goals every single day and have visual pictures of what your success will look like.

It isn’t a coincidence I have literally seen miracles when it comes to my school moving forward since I went to Belize and began to ask others for help!

Thanks for the clarification Bill.

Imagine if your child was to know this before they were 15 . . .