Genius is Innate

You might have heard children hear the word “No” more than you imagine.

'If you use negative words - catch yourself. Count how many
times you say don't to your children. One study estimates that the
average child hears the word no or don't over 148,000 times while
growing up, compared with just a few thousand yes messages,'
Mimi Doe, author of 10 Principles for Spiritual

What if you could change the outcome of your own child’s intelligence? When you nurture and encourage children rather than demean them by telling them all the things they don’t do right.

It is difficult to discipline yourself when you are tired, running late and have more on your plate than you’ll ever mange to complete. But remember the advice to take a breath and count to 10 prior to speaking when you’re about to loose your temper.

Yet most parents forget the reaction of their children to the reprimands they receive. Some children are so sensitive to reprimands they become introverted and self-conscious. Others might become resentful and secretly plot their revenge for feeling belittled.

When you think to correct your child, please take a step back and remember how you might have felt growing up, curious, confused and frustrated when it was pointed out when you were not doing things the way it was expected.

Genius is an Innate ability and it is only a child’s environment that depletes their capacity to remain genius throughout their life.