Talking to Children

I was speaking at an event on Tuesday and noticed two adorable girls walking down the hall towards me. I smiled and said “hi”.

They both smiled and shyly said ‘hi” back.

Shortly after I began speaking there was quite a ruckus out in the hall. It wasn’t overly loud, but it was distracting.

The event coordinator jumped up and went into the hall and┬áseverely┬ásaid “Stop running!”

I flinched, but didn’t say anything. I quickly surveyed the audience to see if they had a reaction to his delivery. No one else seemed to notice.

The next time the noise began he closed the door, but the room became too warm, so he opened up again.

In just a few minutes several children ran past the doorway laughing. Of course the event planner got up and yelled at the kids again telling them to stop running.

I actually found his behavior more distracting than the children. After all the hall was only so long.

I wonder how often children get yelled at by complete strangers? How could anything be so drastic as to demean children for simple behavioral activity.

I think children hear adults verbose disciplines so often they stop hearing what is being said.

Then when it is truly important, they don’t hear it at all.