But as children, we don’t have filters. We don’t know how to process bad news any differently than good news. I suppose it’s one of the reasons children get nightmares. They become afraid of imaginary as well as real foes. They haven’t skills to protect themselves from harmful information any more than from harmful people.
It’s unfortunate when parents use televisions as a baby sitter because they have too much to do, every day. Children are exposed to too many negatives and it is near to impossible for parents to filter all of what their children hear. The children also have to contend with what they hear at school and from their friends. Often the information is distorted from fact and they have no idea how to know the difference.
If you don’t currently have a conversation dinner hour, you should instigate the practice to help your children learn how to communication about things that trouble them. It’s surprising how many parents end up enjoying the practice more than their children. It truly establishes a deeper connection to actually talk about what is currently on everyone’s mind.
Establishing the practice to have regular conversations early on in your children’s lives will help you keep the life line open as they enter their teenage years. You’ll be able to make sure they don’t have any lapses in judgement or are easily influenced by friends who might tempt them to do something they shouldn’t.