It is best to limit the amount of exposure children receive from the newspapers, television and radio until they are of in their teens when they are able to discern the differences between what is presented and what might be fact compared to hype. Most adults find it difficult to know the difference even after a college education.
One of my favorite classes in high school was our current events class. We were to go to the library, research through the newspaper and magazines to discern various points of view on the same noteworthy topic and try to determine an original opinion of the event. It was during the time of the Viet Nam war and one of the boys that was two years ahead of my class had just been killed.
It was a meaningful exercise and made a profound impression on my young 15-year old mind. It was the first time I was able to understand the process of reason. Without being able to reason, no one would be able to determine their own opinions. They would have no knowledge of being able to listen to partial and impartial views and no on which side of the argument they would be the most comfortable. It was truly my beginning of becoming independent and enlightened.