Our school systems when I was growing up and especially where I grew up in a very small town in Northern California, were more concerned about the educational growth and well being of the children rather than to day being almost completely focused on financial concerns.
Because parents have typically only been exposed to what their own parents have been exposed to, it is up to the schools to broaden the spectrum of which we are exposed to from our homelife. It is more important than most understand.
Schools have the abililty to mold the minds of the future, but they are not able to do so unless they are supported by parents, community, church and even political concerns. It takes everyone’s cooperation, no matter how great or small the involvement.
I was on a cruise some years ago to speak about communication techniques and met a man who was a political activist. He was anxious for me to critique his presentation when he heard I taught entrepreneur to speak professionally.
After listening to his rantings about becomming politically active I asked him how often he read at his library to children or at senior centers to make his community a better place.
“I don’t have time!” was his answer.