Child Development

According to a study Stanford University conducted, 90% of all children are born with a genius capacity. They followed 2,000 children from every ethnicity, economic background and locale. Over the next 19 years, the capacity dropped 25% until they reached 21, only 2% were left as a having the capacity to be a genius.
Yet, we know every child is born perfect.It is what they are exposed to during their informative years that detracts from their perfection. By the time they reach seven years old, they will have established their lifelong patterns.
Are they outgoing or are they natural born performers? Do they enjoy reading or are they more inclined to be tinkerers? Are the apt to ask questions to reason why things are the way they are or do they simply take everything at face value? Do they have a lot of friends or are they loners? Are they leaders or followers?
In any case, there is no wrong, children will form some of these traits regardless of the love and direction they might have from the best of their parent’s intentions. I’ve been told it has a lot to do with their DNA but I’m not convinced it is as controlling an element as their actual home environment.