Parents often unintentionally, make comments such as “no one can make a living as an artist” “or musician” “or entertainer”. “It’s alright to play at your hobby, but you must have a decent career.”
The real challenge is parents who don’t know how to lead by example. If we are to realize a life of prosperity, it will not be done by the majority who fall into a job because they need some form of livelihood. It seems as though entrepreneurship is once again on the rise and those who have counted on jobs are being set free. So being prepared to explore different opportunities is mandatory.
But if parents don’t encourage their children to be creative and look at challenges as opportunities to explore new potentials. The idea of children playing with the box their Christmas gifts came in is a great start.   Encouraging games of imagination should be mandatory and even playing along with imaginary friends will prove extremely helpful in later years when the children face problem solving techniques.
I knew a young woman who answered her phone in tears one day when I called to find out why she hadn’t made our meeting. When I asked her what was wrong she told me her boyfriend had left her, someone had broken a window to get into her car and stole the stereo, her dog ran out into the street and got hit by a car and she just paid the rent and only had only $15 left. Yet she owed the veterinarian $250 for patching up her dog.