Talented Children

The Art of Technique – America’s Got Talent

I sat mesmerized by the three small boys, 8, 9 and 10 years old who performed with the skill of professional dancers and showed America their quirky, fun and original personalities to boot!

I was thrilled to see how these children had taken the time to memorize a routine that proved far beyond their years and made them instantaneously into stars.

Imagine what it took for them to practice to develop that level of precision and ease . . . how proud their three mothers were standing off in the wings just beyond the curtain. The determination of these three youngsters is inspirational to say the least.

It is an amazing tribute to the children who are nurtured, encouraged and left to be children in a world that has grown too serious.

Take notice, all you parents who complain about your children dancing or playing when you believe they should be doing something else entirely. Don’t take the genius away from them!

Encourage your children to dream and engage in their passion!