When children are forced to live a life which is not of their own choice, the typical response is to rebel which will instigate aversity which in turn will cause a reaction to either to get angry or withdraw.
It would be so much better if parents would all learn to inspire there children to follow their own hearts. I often think of being in a world  where people feel empowered by their choices and live their lives on purpose never giving up until they have achieved their dreams.
I met a man in his mid-50’s who had bought a locksmith company more than twenty years prior. He hated the business but it paid his was and afforded him a comfortable lifestyle. He was taking pictures at the event I was speaking at and when I asked him why he didn’t do photography full time.
His quickly answered “You can’t make a living at photography.”
“Don’t tell Ansel Adams that!” I was quick to reply.
I have met so many people who were passionate about their hobbies but never believe the can turn that passion into a business that can support them. Yet I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t turn their businesses into a profitable venture with the right skills development, the well thought out business plan and carefully cultivated relationships.