Learning Disorders

Whether it was the stuttering or walking pigeon toed, the effect the kids had on me when they would laugh left deep seeded scars. It is hard enough to grow up with stigmas such as ADD and dyslexia and try to learn, but add to it the stigma of believing as a child you are not worthy of love, attention or have any intelligence worthwhile.
It is so difficult for children to hold their own under normal circumstances but when you add the idiosyncrasies that come with growing up in less than favorable circumstances, it makes it much more difficult to find ones own way and feel as though there is a sense of being able to find ample strength within themselves to face life’s challenges.
The intention of parents often do not align with the best interest of the child who is affected by their environment. They might believe they are doing what is right, but they often don’t consider the individuality of their children, but base their decisions on what they wish for themselves. The direction the children would prefer is generally going to change several times before they are to settle on their life path.
I’ve never met someone who was coerced into a career who lived a happy and fulfilled life. They usually end up frustrated and angry and have a tendency to make everyone around them just as regrettably miserable in the process.