I know it is more difficult for some to shed their past and especially the challenges they have faced. It took me more than twenty years of hard work to shed the first 18 years of subjected negativity.
Some of the processes I used took weeks, some months while others took years. I was fortunate to have many people come into my life and guide me in the process of which technique might lead me towards success. I began to wonder if some of those people had no other purpose. The mere act of introducing me to someone who could make an impact on my goal to become free of past encumbrances.
The best thing happened to change the direction I was heading when I was 15 and going into the tenth grade. I started stuttering  when I was in the seventh grade. My English teacher kept me after school every day and have me read Shakespeare while holding my tongue. At the end of the school year I no longer stuttered.
It worked so well that I learned that I could change something that challenging. The next year I decided to work on was that I waslked pigeon toed. I spent the entire year walking like a duck. It must have been funny  to watch, but it turned out very effective. I was able to walk naturally straight without any effort.