Information Overload

How do we filter through the information we are exposed to every day? When we have data coming from newspapers,radio, television and the Internet, there is an overwhelming amount of negativity coming our way each and every day.
Most of us don’t think of ways of filtering what we pay attention to. We have a tenedancy to listen half-hearted and yet we are absorbing each morsel of negativity as well as the useful information.
When children are exposed to negativity it effects their ability to learn as well as how well they are capable of being in a relationship. The relationships of family, friends, potential romantic relationships. Each situation we are exposed to growing upaffects us the rest of our lives. When the negative situations become more prominent than the positive it taints the individual personality. Any circumstance can appear similar to one of previous experience and if it had an original negative experience, it will remind them of the negativity.
Often the knee-jerk reactions people have when they have been exposed to too much negativity is much akin to apperaing much like an animal who has been backed into a corner or if they had been wounded. They will come out fighting.