But the road to getting to this level of consciousness and spirituality did not come easily. I had to work at it for many years. I made many mistakes, although I don’t believe they are truly mistakes, but more of the lessons I needed to learn. We can not grow spiritually or intellectually without lessons. And in my humble opinion, the lessons never stop until we’re ready to leave this earth.
When children are taught the serenity of religion or spirituality, they are more inclined to have the strength to live through life’s most difficult challenges without imploding. The instability of adults stems from a lack in their childhood. It could be a lack of emotional or spiritual development. It could be caused by parents who didn’t try hard enough or tried too hard to do everything for them.
The challenge is there is no perfect answer. There is no cookie cutter formula when it comes to raising a child who is as healthy physically as mentally and spiritually. Every child develops at their own rate and by different methods.
So what is the answer?