Have you ever noticed a child who is so engrossed in what they are doing they have no idea the world isn’t perfect? Have you ever seen how a child is able to totally abandon all the world around them and live brilliantly in the moment? What would happen if we were able to keep the level of abandonment even as an adult.

I have been privileged to know the fortune having the focus to be aware of what others rarely see. The world is made up of a multitude of choices. Who do we talk with? Where do we go? What do we pursue on a daily basis? Does it contribute to the advancement of our community or do we rely on others to insist on our well being?

Children abandon their inhibitions and look at the world through the eyes of the innocent. What is it the children see? What do we miss in what we don’t see? Is it possible to see the innocence when we have been tainted as adults?

What can we do to make sure we have a clear vision of what is possible in our world? What can we do to live our lives in a way that will help us view the world with an intrinsic capacity to view our world as it is and as it is possible to become.