Bad Behavior

I notice how others had habits that didn’t serve who they are, but became a distraction of who they didn’t want the rest of the world to recognize. It was their insecurities they were trying to camouflage. But the sad fact is, they missed on on the precious opportunity to inner act with others naturally, rather than the projection of who they were trying to make others believe was who they were.
It’s a lot of work to live like that. It is exhausting. And the sad part about it is at the time they are working so hard to cover up who they are, they are missing out on who the other person is as well as hiding who they are from everyone.
It is a very lonely place to be. But while going through this phase of hiding from others, it is nearly impossible to be comfortable in your own skin. It is more like living every day in a daze and being outside of yourself. It is confusing and empty.
Bad habits stem from many sources. They can be brought on by innate defense mechanisms such as ill treatment by parents or other family members. Sometimes sibling rivalry is a prime instigator of defensive behavior.