Empowering Children

Acting out in defense to feeling out of control, is only one of the many reactions to ill treatment when children feel threatened in any manner. The challenge is the majority of parents are not trained in behavioral studies, how to recognize the beginning stages of ill behavior nor how to correct them. And even if they are trained, each child responds differently from the next..
However, no matter how different child may be, making sure your child feels loved and cherished is the best method of reversing any of the ill effects they might feel. Showing a child their loved can be including them in your conversations and decisions, giving them hugs every day, recognizing them for their achievements and the most obvious one even parents often forget is simpling telling them they are loved, cherished and how special they are to you.
Again each child will require many different methods of encouragement before they feel empowered enough to truly develop their personality without any of the ill effects holding them back. When children are well rounded they will be able to speak freely, develop their intellect and creativity. They will know they belong and not be defensive when they are challenged.
It is important to have your children feel strong enough about who they are so they will be able to stand up to challenges they will face.