Emotional Dysfunction

Everyone faces challenges, no matter who they are or what where they have been raised. The challenges may vary in degree based on how much dysfunction the individual has been exposed to as well as what they need to learn in their life.
The first time I heard “You wouldn’t have the challenge unless you were strong enough to handle it..” I had an adverse reaction. I didn’t want the challenge, nor did I believe I deserved to have anything that caused me pain. But the truth is, we are not only capable of handling each challenge but we need these challenges to make sure we can grow into who we are meant to be.
Often we turn to an adult version of mis-behavior. That might manifest in alcholism, drug addiction or depressions.
Then it becomes a life-long battle that is much more difficult to overcome the longer it is an issue. A lot of adults use dysfunctions to avoid painful emotions. Or it can be a method of avoidance, a way of numbing the painful emotions they have never figured out how to overcome without having outside help.
It is difficult to understand why anyone would choose to put up with dysfunctions rather than finding a resource that will heal them, but it is rare that people are made aware that healing is much easier than putting up with the challenges of the dysfunctions.