Healing Emotionally

It is possible people don’t know there are resources other than counseling, but it’s hard to imagine you could be conscious and not know there are multiple resources. (I’ve made a list of the resources in the back of the book.) Some of the processes can be done without the assistance of others. Since the beginning of Oprah’s show, knowing there are processes available has been hard to avoid.So I question my friends who are addiction counselors and they truly believe people are so caught up in staying the same rather than changing because they’re afraid of the unknown.If they could have been exposed to challenging the dysfunctions as children, they would have developed a habit of embracing new ways of handling their challenges. But once they’re adults it is much more difficult to learn alternative behavior.The difference would be to live your life in harmony without stress or pain.. Can you imagine that would have on the entire world? Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that everyone is capable of being in control of the emotions and not have to inflict negative emotions on unsuspecting innocent bystanders?