Improving Relationships

A good relationship is constantly improving and each participant looking for ways of supporting each other. People talk about relationships being hard work, but I don’t believe it has to be hard when the couple truly understands the value they bring to the relationship and what they would be without each other. It does take time to get to know enough about each other to not feel threatened by silence or absence. But the stronger the relationship is the less needs to be explained.

I ask couples if they could see themselves living without each other and rarely do they answer yes. But they will dig in their hills and fight for what they’re having for dinner, what they watch on television, where they should go on vacation and matters that don’t matter.

Children absorb all of it! They are sponges who take in attitudes, moods and habits. They need to be protected from the bad behavior of parents who have not learned how to communicate effectively or insist on acting as though no one is as important to them as themselves. Without out a doubt, the children come first, above all else. They must be protected, guided, nurtured and loved unconditionally. Without any exceptions. Our children are born perfect and it is our responsibility to keep them that way!