How do we nip it in the bud? I mentioned counseling, but I’m a quick fix kind of gal. I want to wake up tomorrow with everything working. Patience is not my favorite virtue. In fact it has always been my biggest challenge. I was very fortunate when I met a chiropractor in 1991 who was doing neuro emotional transference (NET) work.

Basically, taking the brain patterns (accepting ill behavior or dysfunctions as being a normal part of our lives) and replacing the acceptance with an ability to recognize, reject and protect ourselves before it becomes a major problem.

This wasn’t an overnight fix, but it was much more rapid than counseling. During a period of a few months my personality began to change. I was able to look at a situation and decide if I was willing to participate because I wanted to or I felt obligated. Being obligated or indebted to someone and feeling as though you have no choice but to do what they want is not a healthy relationship.

So that was a major change in my life. I also experienced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) created by Gary Craig from Marin (refer to the Resource section). I really enjoyed this technique because I could do it myself. I didn’t have to make an appointment and count on someone to be available at the moment I felt I needed help.