I have taught many people to use this technique and recently a therapist has begun to use it with her patience with remarkable results. The funny thing is our brain is open and receptive to change. In fact, even our subconscious wants us to change and will exhibit clues in our dreams and in attracting such things as books, classes, CD’s and even sometimes, the right people to help us get through the changes more easily.

The point is, when you have exhibited these dysfunctions in front of your children, they will more than likely follow your example. It is their natural tendency to try to emulate you, whether it is good behavior patterns or not.

The best thing you can do for your children is to heal yourself first. Then you’ll be more aware of how you are influencing your children. It’s never too late. It only takes one step at a time to alter dysfunctional behavior and turn it around to become healthy behavior.

I remember being told “Good things come to those who wait!”