He had never made more than twenty thousand a year at that point and making five times more sounded like a dream come true. But once he was challenged, it took him two years before he was making $1.2 million a year.

What was the difference? He had a plan. It was reasonable. It was attainable and he had the knowledge to implement the plan. But the biggest component of his success was his believe in himself to accomplish his goal and to stay focused in his actions to make his plan a reality.

I know it sounds like a fantasy for most people to imagine making a million dollars a year. But the fact is, aswayne Fran Tarkenton says “If someone else has achieved it, so can you!”

Perfection is another repercussion of the dilemma of wanting to please everyone and of being overly criticized when we are young. No one can be perfect at everything and yet everyone is perfect as they are, in that it is the way they are meant to be at the time.

When and if they change it is because of life’s circumstances and how they might respond to their environment and the challenges they face. I’ve mentioned the major differences between my sister and brother and myself. We might as well have been raised by different parents in different homes we are so vastly different in our life philosophies, health standards and spirituality.