Neither is right or wrong, but right for each of us and who we have become. Being perfect is too much of a burden. I know, because I truly thought I had to be perfect at everything I did. It did work well for me in the long run however since my accomplishments have culminated into a very long list.

On the other hand however, my brother and sister’s greatest accomplishments are in the children they have produced. They have lived their lives as they chose and no one can say whether they should have done it any differently nor judge them for any part of what we have seen the results to be, even though that is the natural tendency.

Judgment is difficult to avoid no matter how enlightened someone might have become. I know I try to avoid it in all aspects, but when I see others being harmed by someone’s behavior or actions, it is truly a challenge to accept there might be a reason and it is not up to me to determine neither the justification nor developing an opinion of what has taken place.

Believe me, one would have to be a monk to avoid judgment completely. Just as judging myself for being opinionated about the action of others is not proper. It is a conundrum to be sure.