When I see child abuse, dysfunctional behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, I have to react, even though I know better. I question the purpose of those who exist throughout their lives rather than living their lives.

An example would be those who are caught up in survival, they go to work, come home, look forward to Fridays, do nothing with their weekends, which of course is their prerogative, but what holds them back from making small improvements along the way?

What if they improved their skills, continued their education, continued to look for a better job while they had one that didn’t serve their passion or skills and found ways of turning their lives into something that is meaningful to them. They could share their accomplishments and inspire others to break out of the doldrums.

But what keeps them in the same job, the same town, the same existence they dread? How can they not know it is their right to live their lives on their terms? Is it because they were never encouraged? Is it because they have no idea they deserve better?

When I went to my 10-year class reunion my high school teachers said they were surprised I was still alive. I was shocked they would have even had such a thought. One teacher explained once they were aware of the abuses I had endured and my early (15 years old) experience with alcohol abuse, they were sure I would be destined to self destruct.