Following a Path

So I was curious as to why I ended up taking a different path than these teachers predicted. Is it strictly circumstantial? Is it my DNA as a friend had suggested? Does it have anything to do with destiny?

I’ve always thought it would be great to know the answers to those questions. I’ve wanted to know if it is possible to pre-determine the odds of whether someone would be able to overcome the odds and break out of the mold that had been cast for them by their heritage, family history, environment or education.

After all, Abraham Lincoln didn’t finish high school and was elected President of the United States. He went on later to attain his law degree but being raised in a back woods cabin did not stop him from achieving one of the highest honors in our country.

Ray Crock was 52 when he saw people lined up down the block at the McDonald brothers hamburger stand in Los Angeles. He had not complete high school either and yet determined there was something unique about the brother’s quick food restaurant. He launched McDonalds and the rest became the most successful franchise in the world.

There are hundreds of similar stories of extremely successful individuals who overcame the odds and broke out of the pack and created wealth beyond their imagination.