Andrew Carnegie was curious about the similarities of self-made millionaires and seized upon the enthusiasm of a young Napoleon Hill, who would end up travelling around the United States by train to interview the likes of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Charles M. Schwab, William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt and Wiliam Taft to name a few, and eventually commit the investigative work to one of the most published books ever, Think and Grow Rich.

The determination and drive of those who were interviewed combined with the fact that each one belonged to a Master Mind group and met faithfully with six to ten individuals on a regular basis was the only common denominator. They believed so completely in their vision nothing could deter their progress.

Since we know anything is possible and we live in an age where the molds are being broken at record speed, what limits have you set for yourself?  Would you change your life, your life style, your income range and your family relationships if you could? What is holding you back?

Once you determine what is holding you back, you will be able to remedy the situation and make the changes you desire, one step at a time. For most people it is not realistic to change from the average income in the U.S. of $35,000 annually to $100,000 a year within one year. Yet, I have met many people over the years that have done exactly that.