About three months later I received a post card from her and she told me she had decided to work at a veterinarian’s office. The fourth vet agreed to let her work for free in exchange for the experience. Her enthusiasm and work ethic must have impressed him because after only three days he offered her a full time job.

After her first month she was able to move into her own apartment and send $450 home to her parents. I received a second postcard about six months later. She told me she had been able to send for her sister who had been working as the tutor so she could graduate from high school in Miami. That would allow her to go to college without having to pay the higher foreign student fees.

It was nearly a year after that I had another post card from her. This time it was to update me on her brother who had just moved in with her to finish his senior year there and her sister was attending junior college. It was obvious she was happy and content with her lifestyle.

Her parents were thrilled with their children’s progress and were very proud of the difference their oldest daughter had made in their family’s future.It was beyond their ability it was possible for her to have accomplished so much in such a short period of time.